Weekday Masses – December 9 – 14, 2019

(Key to Abbreviations:  OF:  Ordinary Form, Novus Ordo, English; EF: Extra-ordinary Form, Latin; MC: Missa Contata, with Music; LM: Low Mass, No Music)
Monday, December 9, Immaculate Conception – 8:30am Mass (OF-MC)
Tuesday, December 10 – 8:30am Mass (OF-LM)
Wednesday, December 11 – 8:30am Mass (OF-LM)
Thursday, December 12 –8:30am Mass (OF-LM);  
6-6:30pm – Confessions;  7:00pm Mass(EF-LM)
Friday, December 13 – 8:30am Mass (OF-LM)
Saturday, Decmeber 14 – 5:00pm Sunday Vigil Mass (OF-MC, English) 
Sunday, December 15 – 8:00am & 10:00am Mass (OF-MC, English);
12:00pm (EF-MC, Latin)

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