St. Anthony Cemetery

St. Anthony Catholic Cemetery Conditions and Limitations: 

  •  The said lot(s) shall be used only as a place of burial for human remains and for no
    other purpose.   
  • No interments shall take place in St. Anthony Cemetery, except by the sexton of
    St. Anthony Church, or his designate.
  •  No interment shall be allowed in said lot of any person not a member of the family without the written consent of the name stated on the certificate of burial. 
  •  The Church retains the right to refuse Christian burial to any individual who is so barred by Church and Canon Law.
  • Private reselling of plots is not permitted; any unwanted plots may be sold back to the Parish for the original purchase price.

All markers and monuments are subject to prior approval.  A blueprint of the Marker/Monument must be submitted to the Parish Office for review and approval, prior to ordering.

    • A cross must appear on each memorial and be the prominent image, (top center placement).
    • Any other images must be sacred images
    • Only Sacred Scripture, or a quote from a Saint are permitted for inscriptions.
    • Any image or inscription considered by the Cemetery Committee to be offensive or in
      violation of the dignified and reverent nature of the cemetery grounds will not
      be permitted
  • All monuments/markers must be within the following dimensions:

For single grave markers: ———— not to exceed 36” wide, 12” deep, 36 “ high
For double grave markers: ———-  not to exceed 48“ wide, 12” deep, 36 “ high

  •  Placing and erection of monuments or foundations, planting of trees and shrubbery, placing of fences or anything of a permanent nature is not permitted.
  •  No objects may be “glued” to any headstone.
  •  Nothing should be placed on the grave which would make the upkeep of the cemetery difficult or impossible.


Rules for St. Anthony Cemetery
Updated February 26, 2013
St. Anthony Cemetery Committee

  •  One of the following decorations is permitted per grave:
    — One eternal light; or
    one cemetery cone with plants or flowers, real or artificial
    (permitted Easter – Thanksgiving only); or
     a grave blanket or pillow (permitted Thanksgiving – April 1 only); or
    one arrangement affixed with a headstone saddle, permitted year round.
  • Cones or vases integral to the headstone design and permanently attached to the base are permitted; (No objects may be “glued” to any headstone.)
  • A single American flag and/or VFW military marker is also permitted.
  • Funeral Flowers are to be removed by the family no later than 3 days after the funeral.
  • Decorations which do not conform to the above specifications will be removed.
  • Please place all refuse in the containers provided.
  • Please close the Cemetery gate when leaving.

 St. Anthony Catholic Church reserves the right to remove any
not in compliance with the stated rules and regulations or
otherwise deemed not appropriate.